Main Courses

Give in to temptation. Our dessert menu features the rich, smooth, fruity, fresh, crumbly, chocolatey plates of gorgeousness - indulge!

Chefs Homemade Soup


Today's choice of soup served with

a crusty roll and butter

 Chicken Liver Pâté (gfo)


A smooth liver pâté served with a homemade red pepper chutney and toasted ciabatta

Spicy Pork Belly Bites (gf)    


Crispy pork belly with a mint and cucumber raita dip

Avocado & Pesto Pea Bruscetta (v)(gfo) 


Toasted ciabatta topped with charred green  pea pesto and avocado

Spicy Chicken Wings


Hot and spicy wings, with cooling blue cheese dip.

Deep Fried Honeyed Prawns (gfo)


King, tail-on prawns with honey, ginger, and garlic marinade Served with a light dipping sauce

Deep Fried Halloumi Chips (v) (gfo)


Halloumi coated with a herb breadcrumb. Served with a sweet and spicy dip

 Tempura Vegetables (v)


Crispy coated vegetables served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

 Deep Fried Rice and Crab Fritters


In crispy breadcrumb, served with wasabi and soy mayo

Fried Black Pudding (gf)    


Slices of black pudding fried in butter coated in a rich black pepper sauce

Mushrooms Romaine (gf)


sliced button mushrooms with bacon lardons braised in garlic butter finished with double cream, and topped with melted cheddar cheese

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